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All for the Children

I can't image a more beautiful or a more unique experience than watching your own children grow! 


However, parenting does not come with a manual, and doesn't have a "one size fits all" strategy to it. Good parenting takes lots of patience, love and dedication.


With 15 years of practical experience and over 30 different countries under my belt, I will be glad to be your guide on this exciting journey.


As grownups we cannot undo outdated teaching practices that were applied to us as we were growing up. As a PhD candidate in developmental psychology, I understand the complexity of early childhood brain development and different schools of thought pertaining to this subject. 


Let me do all the heavy lifting for you, and customize a special learning journey that's specific to your child's needs!

Parenting should NOT be hard. Let ME read the thick books and translate them into a language you can understand. If raising a child takes a village, then let me be the first to welcome you to mine.


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Personalized advice and expertise for parents, early childhood educators, and business owners.

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Fun and enlightening, my podcast brings rich insight into early childhood education, best practices, and more!

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Our family owned daycare center brings bi-lingual and bi-cultural experiences for children. 



Invite me to your event to share unique insights on early childhood education.



Live and online personal instruction that engages your mind, skills, and children in your care. *COMING SOON. Be sure to subscribe to get alerts when we go live. 



As an early childhood professional, I would love the opportunity to come speak to your school or educational event. Click the button below to get the conversation started!

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Read My Book

Get your copy of "Eldie Makes New Friends" today!


What kind of bear has wings? Eldie! Eldie is a toddler bear who has wings! It so happens that his mommy is a guacamaya and his daddy is a brown bear. While living in NYC they are excited (and a bit scared) for Eldie's first day of Preschool...Will Eldie have trouble being accepted by his classmates? Will they embrace his differences?


Join Eldie in his new adventure!

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Lissarette Nisnevich

Early Childhood Professional / Speaker / Author

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