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All for the Children

Dr. Lissarette Nisnevich, Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology, is a distinguished child educational specialist, passionate parent coach, and influential figure in the field of early childhood learning. As a mother, she infuses her work with a deep understanding and personal experience of the trials, triumphs, and transformative power of parenthood. Through her professional pursuits, Dr. Nisnevich has artfully combined her academic background and first-hand experience as a parent to help countless families navigate the exciting journey of raising children.

As an esteemed developmental psychologist, Dr. Nisnevich has been instrumental in creating nurturing environments that focus on individual children's unique needs and potential. Her contributions to the field go far beyond her chain of childcare centers in New York City and her impactful virtual private practice for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). 

Beyond her professional and academic achievements, Dr. Nisnevich passionately advocates for the importance of early childhood education and has gained significant influence in the field. Her insights are greatly valued by parents and educators alike, making her a sought-after source of inspiration, guidance, and advice. With her strength of character and commitment, Dr. Nisnevich is poised to continue shaping the world of early childhood development, enshrining her motto “Every child deserves the chance to thrive.” at the heart of her work.


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Personalized advice and expertise for parents, early childhood educators, and business owners.

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Fun and enlightening, my podcast brings rich insight into early childhood education, best practices, and more!

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Our family owned childcare brand brings bi-lingual and bi-cultural experiences for children nationwide.



Invite me to your event to share unique insights on early childhood education.



Live and online personal instruction that engages your mind, skills, and children in your care. 

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As an early childhood professional, I would love the opportunity to come speak to your school or educational event. Click the button below to get the conversation started!

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Read My Book

Get your copy of "Eldie Makes New Friends" today!


What kind of bear has wings? Eldie! Eldie is a toddler bear who has wings! It so happens that his mommy is a guacamaya and his daddy is a brown bear. While living in NYC they are excited (and a bit scared) for Eldie's first day of Preschool...Will Eldie have trouble being accepted by his classmates? Will they embrace his differences?


Join Eldie in his new adventure!

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Dr. Lissarette Nisnevich

Ph.D/ Early Childhood Professional / Speaker / Author

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