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What kind of bear has wings? Eldie! Eldie is a toddler bear who has wings! It so happens that his mommy is a guacamaya and his daddy is a brown bear. While living in NYC they are excited (and a bit scared) for Eldie's first day of Preschool...Will Eldie have trouble being accepted by his classmates? Will they embrace his differences? Join Eldie in his new adventure!


¿Qué tipo de oso tiene alas? ¡Eldie!

¡Eldie es un osito que tiene alas! Lo que pasa es que su mamá es una guacamaya y su papá es un oso pardo. Al vivir en la ciudad de Nueva York están muy emocionados, y un poco asustados, por el primer día de preescolar de Eldie... ¿Tendrá Eldie dificultades porque luce diferente a los demás osos?


¡Acompaña a Eldie en su nueva aventura!

Eldie Makes New Friends/ Eldie hace nuevos Amigos!

SKU: 0001
  • Reading: Age: 3-6

    Subject matter: Diversity, Multicultural, Bilingual

    Languages: Spanish, English

    This book was written because young children deserve stories that give them hope. Diversity in today's world and emotional intelligence are critical topics to bring to light and normalize. It is imperative that our children embrace themselves positively but more than anything that they are not afraid to do so for others as well. Eldie is a story of diversity in our everyday life and even our own families. It is a story that encourages socio-emotional development for young children who deserve to believe that childhood is a magical time. Our job as parents is not only to raise children that are strong for a hard world, but to also raise gentle and emotionally intelligent humans that will turn the world into a better, loving and more accepting place.

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